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Remembering where the success comes from and giving back to the society are the due social responsibilities that a private enterprise should take. Over the past 20 years, Evergrande Group has been actively taking on the corporate citizen responsibility and donated a total of more than 4.2 billion for more than 100 times for people's well-being, poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection, sports and other social philanthropy.

On the kick-off ceremony of “Guangdong Poverty-Relief Day” in 2010, Evergrande donated 120 million yuan on micro-credit business for poor farmers.

On the “Guangdong Poverty-Relief Day” in 2011, Evergrande donated 318 million yuan accumulated in all relevant activities, 300 million yuan of which was used to support removal and settlement of 125,000 families who live in cold mountains and the dilapidated house reconstruction project for 37,000 families with low income and housing difficulties. In the same year, Evergrande also donated 18 millon yuan to Guangdong Glory Society in order to promote the cause of people’s livelihoods in minority areas within Qingyuan.

In 2012, Evergrande donated 350 million yuan to establish a special fund for poverty relief, which would support construction of the mountain areas in North Guangdong.

In 2011, Evergrande donated 245 million yuan to support construction of the mountain areas in North Guangdong.

In 2009, Evergrande donated 30 million yuan to co-organize the "Evergrande Charity Walk" event with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

In 2004, Evergrande donated 10 million yuan to support the dilapidated house reconstruction project in Guangdong named “Comfortable Housing for Thousands of Households”.

In June of 2010, Evergrande donated 10 million HK dollars to Hong Kong New Home Association in order to support new home construction.

In December 2015, Evergrande provided one-on-one assistance to Dafang County, with voluntary investment worth 3 billion yuan scheduled in the following three years, in order to achieve the poverty alleviation in the whole Dafang County by the end of 2018.

In February 2016, the opening ceremony for the first aid projects of Evergrande Group’s one-on-one assistance  of Dafang County was held in Bijie Municipality, Dafang County and 40 major projects and other 200 projects of setting up husbandry industrialization bases were officially launched.

It has been regarded as the national development principle that revitalizing the country through talent cultivation and education development, education determines the future of a country. Over the years, Evergrande has established a comprehensive donation system for education cause, making great contributions to the establishment of Hope Primary School and Evergrande Middle School, financial support for orphans in poverty and the development of minority education.            

According to statistics, donations of a few hundred million yuan have been made to education cause throughout the country by Evergrande in succession.        

Special Subsidy for Football School

In October of 2012, Evergrande initiated a program of Special Subsidy together with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

Subsidy Fund for Impoverished College Students

In July of 2011, the Launch Ceremony for Evergrande Subsidy Fund for Impoverished College Students was held in Great Hall of the People.

Donation of Evergrande Middle School

In April of 2011, Evergrande donated its Evergrande Middle School to Zhoukou Municipal Government for free.

Support for Minority Education

In September of 2007, Evergrande donated 30 million yuan to assist in constructing 100 minority primary schools in Guangdong Province.


In May 2008, Evergrande was the first enterprise in South China to donate more than RMB10 million to the Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas and issued an initiative to the whole society, and other enterprises followed suit.        

In 2013, a donation of RMB 20 million was made by Evergrande through China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) right after the earthquake in Ya’an, Sichuan.        

On Apr. 11, serious benzene excess was found in the tap water in Lanzhou, a contaminated water-supply route has to be stopped for water supply on the day, therefore, the affected areas were out of water supply. Evergrande delivered 500,000 boxes (12,000,000 bottles) of Evergrande Spring Water overnight to the affected areas promptly.

On Jul. 24, 2014, Evergrande donated RMB 10 million to affected areas hit by Typhoon Rammasun in Hainan.        

On Aug. 4, 2014, a donation of RMB 10 million and 2 million bottles of mineral water was made by Evergrande through China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) to Ludian Country, Zhaotong, Yunnan right after the earthquake. Evergrande was the first group to make a donation to the affected area after the disaster as well as the one with greatest donation amount.