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Joint opening of Evergrande’s 7 projects with the sales volume of 6.7 billion marked the start of “Golden September and Silver October”

 Date:2016.09.06   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the first weekend of “Golden September and Silver October”, Evergrande ushered in the sale of newly-built projects once again. On September 3 and 4, Evergrande’s 7 projects opened throughout the country, with a total sales of 6.7 billion on the first day of opening, which marked the hot selling start of “Golden September and Silver October”.

Joint sales of a number of projects showed “Evergrande speed” again.

2.06 billion in 2 hours was just the opening performance of a single project, that is, Nanjing Evergrande Binjiang on September 4. A boisterous crowd gathered at the opening scene, and incoming customers far exceeded the released projects. Sales control board quickly turned red. “Evergrande speed” happened again.

It was understood that Jinan Evergrande Ruicheng and Zhanjiang Evergrande Dijing opened on the same day as Nanjing Evergrande Binjiang, and the sales volume of three projects totaled 3.6 billion on the first day. Of which, the sales volume of Jinan Evergrande Ruicheng and Zhanjiang Evergrande Dijing were 1.02 billion and 0.52 billion respectively. However, a day earlier, Harbin Evergrande Junting, Sanya Sea Royal View, Fuqing Evergrande City, Shenyang Evergrande Binjiang Zuo’an were sold well, with the sales volume of 3.09 billion on that day.

Market monitoring data showed that Evergrande repeatedly prompted a selling spree across the country since this year and often refreshed a new sales record. On August 27 and 28, Tianjin Evergrande Bayview, Harbin Evergrande Yayuan, Nanchang Evergrande Huafu, Nanping Evergrande Royal Scene, Hefei Evergrande Crystal International Plaza, Dongguan Evergrande Royal Scene peninsula, Nanning Evergrande Huafu opened, with the cumulative sales of over 7 billion on that day.

It was noteworthy that Fuyang Evergrande Oasis, Harbin Evergrande Shengheshiji, Xi’an Evergrande Jade Residence, Hengshui Evergrande Oasis and other projects have caused a stir among the local property market in the first half year. However, on July 30 and 31, the total sales of Shanghai Offshore Venice, Beijing Binhe Zuo’an, Lanzhou Evergrande Jade Residence, Changchun Evergrande Jingyue Mansion and other projects were more than 8 billion on the first day of opening.

Markets considered that the continuous business growth of Evergrande’s projects profited from its excellent product quality, strong ability of cost control, product line with accurate market positioning, large scale and rapid development capability and other competitive advantages under the situation of continued market correction. In addition, Evergrande was a real estate corporation with all hardcover standards for delivered buildings and with implementation of “no reason to cancel” throughout the country, and the two measures added a steady stream of momentum to its continued booming sales.

Performance continued to soar toward 300 billion.

"Continued hot selling of Evergrande’s projects across China promotes its rising sales performance, and a number of indicators set new industry records. At present, the real estate industry structure has been rewritten, and it has been fully beyond Vanke currently". An industry analyst said.

Interim statement data showed that Evergrande’s total assets amounted to 999.92 billion as of June 30; turnover amounted to 87.5 billion, with year-on-year growth of 12.6%; the real estate core business profits amounted to 10.49 billion, with year-on-year growth of 19.1%. In addition, as of June, Evergrande’s cash balance amounted to 212 billion. By comparison, key indicators of Evergrande’s total assets, turnover, core business profits, cash balance and others were 287.6 billion, 12.7 billion, 2.48 billion, 140.1 billion respectively higher than Vanke.

On August 31, CRIC of domestic authoritative research institution released an equity sales list f, to , . Evergrande’s cumulative equity sales volume amounted to 223.75 billion, ranking the first, 52.8 billion over Vanke, which ranked second. "Insiders commonly believe that equity sales volume can reflect the real sales performance of real estate corporation. Evergrande’s equity sales volume exceeds that of Vanke, which further shows its true strength." The above industry analyst pointed out that it could demonstrate its advantages when in a bad market. hot of Evergrande’s projects fully showed that high-quality and cost-effective products which could meet would be recognized by the market and stand out from the competition.

"Only on September 3 and 4, Evergrande’s 7 new projects achieved the sales volume of 6.7 billion on the first day of opening. In accordance with this sales trend, Evergrande’s sales volume in September will be up again, and there is no suspense to achieve this year's 300-billion goal." The analyst said.