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Talent is the fundamental of enterprise development and the No.1 productive force to promote the great-leap-forward enterprise development. In line with the talent concept of "country foundation and industry prosperity based on talents", Evergrande Group has started the campus recruitment since 2003 and has successfully attracted lots of excellent college graduates for active participation.

Through the guided induction training, "one-to-one" tutor cultivation and experiential work-shift learning, college students have rapidly changed their roles to start their careers; through the step-by-step deep cultivation, targeted on-the-job training and welfare-based academic training, college students have rapidly grown to head for their career goals; through the open-ended competitive employment and selection, humanized deployment mechanism and diversified development mechanism, lots of excellent college students have grown into management talents with leadership and technical talents with know-how, so as to realize their career goals gradually.

After the 14-year campus recruitment, college students have grown into the backbone force of talent team of Evergrande Group on the diversified broad platform of the Group, moving ahead through winds and waves towards their career goals.

In 2003,Evergrande Group officilly launched its campus recruitment,opening its door to the graduates from acros the country for the frist time.

In 2004,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment determined the training mode of "shift system+mentoring".

In 2005,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment officially built up a recruitment team led by the senior leadership,who visited various famous universities and began a national tour of campus recruitment.

In 2006,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment started yielding results.

In 2007,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment incrased its recruitment to a dozen categories.

In 2008,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment ushered in the harvest year.

In 2009,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment advanced courageously under the shadow of the "global financial",adhering to the campus for recruitment of new graduates,shedding sunshine on the depression of recruitment situation.

In 2010,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment gained recognition unanimously from major colleges and universuities,and a considerable number of students.

In 2011,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment further expanded the scale of recruitment by adding a special occasion for "engineering" to introduce large number of engineering and techinical personnel for the company,and build a dual-channel career development mechanism of "management talent+technical personnel" tailored for college students.

In 2012,Evdrergande Group′s campus recruitment ushered in an improvement quarter

In 2013,campus recruitment of Evergrande Group gives impetus to the strategy of "high standards of qualified personnel",enhances the talents selection standard of college students.

In 2014,campus recruitment of Evergrande Group will add the special line for recruitment of "architecture" so as to solicit world architecture design excellences for the new strategic target of Evergrande.

Evergrande improved the recruitment model and synchronized recruitment for real estate and other industries, to enhance the matching degree and accuracy of talent recruitment. Evergrande was awarded the “Top 100 Best Employers in 2014” and the “Best Employer of College Graduates in 2014”, which comprehensively enhanced the employer brand image of Evergrande.

Campus recruitment will keep promoting a synchronous recruitment model of diversified industry of “real estate, culture tourism, fast consume and sports”, and provide more jobs.

Campus recruitment will continue to practice the mode of "synchronous recruitment for diversified industries including real estate, tourism, finance, Internet, culture and sports", providing more comprehensive employment positions.