Hengda Hotel Group makes great commitment to developing "Hengda Hotel" into a leadingchain five-star brand in China, and the Group has been awarded the title of"The Most Influential Hotel Group in Global Hotel Industry" byauthority.

Based on Evergrande Group culture and theintegration with modern international hotel management philosophy, numbers ofluxury five-star hotels affiliated t to the Group have been open, includingGuangzhou Hengda Hotel. Chongqing Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort),Qingyuan Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort), Guangzhou Zengcheng HengdaHotel,  Tianjin Hengda Hotel (EvergrandeCentury Resort), Wuhan Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort), ChengduPengshan Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort), Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel(Evergrande World Expo Center), Shuangyashan Refined Hotel, etc.

In addition, somehotels are opening soon as well, including Tianjin Dongli Lake Hengda Hotel(Evergrande World Expo Center), Shanghai Qidong Hengda Hotel (Coastal Venice),Nanjing Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort), Nanchang Hengda Hotel,Xinjiang Wujiaqu Hengda Hotel (Evergande International Resort), Chengdu HengdaHotel, Kunming Hengda Hotel (Evergrande Century Resort), Shijiazhuang HengdaHotel (Evergrande Century Resort), Jinan Hengda Hotel (Evergrande CenturyResort), etc.

Meanwhile, landmarkfive-star business hotels and resort complexes are about to be established byHengda Hotel Group in center districts of over 20 business and tourist cities,including Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing and Tibet.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evergrande Real Estate Group, Evergrande Commercial Group is specialized in the management of over 300 commercial projects of Evergrande Real Estate Group in over 130 cities in China, three major types of projects are covered in these projects, including landmark commercial complex, urban commercial complex and community commercial center, in a variety of business forms, such as community stores on the first or second floor, commercial center, Evergrande Cinema, large concentrated business and commercial complex. The total area of commercial projects in modern operation exceeds 2,000,000㎡ and the figure is expected to exceed 4,000,000㎡ in the future with total commercial asset of over RMB 100 billion.