To revitalize Chinese football, Eevergrande has applied itself to the football industry since 2010, and set up the Eevergrande Football Club. The club has become the most successful and most influential professional football club in Asia, and has paid taxes of 1.258 billion yuan to the government.

Since its inception, the club has developed and implemented the first five-year plan – “to win the AFC Champions League and be the king of Asia”, and has implemented the professional mode of the world’s top club in terms of philosophy, management and culture.

From 2011 to 2016, it won the Chinese Super League champion for six consecutive years; in 2013, it won the AFC Champions League, achieving the goal ahead of schedule; in 2015, it won the AFC championship again, becoming Asia’s first team that has won the AFC championship for twice since restructuring of the AFC Champions League in 2009; and it has been named by AFC as “Asia’s best club”, becoming a leader in the industry.

In the past seven years, the club has garnered 13 champions in the AFC Champions League, the Chinese Super League, the FA Cup, the Super Cup and other tournament, setting a new record in China’s football history. At present, it is ranking first in Asia and thirtieth in the world at its peak, becoming a representative of the Chinese football and the Asian football.

In 2015, the club formulated and implemented its second five-year plan–“international convergence and world class”, indicating that it will upgrade in all aspects such as development strategy, business philosophy, operating management, coach team, level of foreign aid, youth training system, logistical support, etc., be fully aligned with the world's top clubs and among the world’s top 20 clubs.

On November 6, 2015, Eevergrande Taobao Football Club (Stock Code:834338) was listed, becoming the “first football stock of Asia”.

Glorious History

Evergrande Football School which was established by Evergrande Group in 2012 aims to vitalize Chinese football and cultivate football stars. So far the investment has exceeded RMB 2 billion and the students have reached 2,600 persons, so it is evaluated as the world*s largest football school in the Guinness Book of World Records.

As a new type of football school, Evergrande Football School implements the mode of developing basic cultural education and professional football training simultaneously; China’ s famous basic education school is in full charge of the basic education to solve the weakest basic education problems in traditional football schools, and the coach team from Real Madrid Football Club is in full charge of the professional football training so as to enable the students to accept world-class football training without leaving the country.

  • Advantages
  • Famous Faculty
  • Real Madrid coach is fully responsible for training footballers

    The coaching staff for professionally training the footballers is made up of the world-class top coaches (A-level UEFA coach certificate) sent by the world's top Real Madrid Football Club and the domestically selected assistant coaches who are skillfully competent and devoted to the rise of China football. The systems for student selection, training, competition and evaluation are established completely in accordance with the Real Madrid Club standards.

  • China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) spares no effort to help poverty-stricken students.

    Evergrande Real Madrid Football School will cooperate with CFPA to allow the economically disadvantaged yet gifted kids to enjoy scholarships for the completion of their studies and football training, as well as the realization of the children’s football dream. CFPA has specially set up the subsidy foundation at Evergrande Real Madrid Football School. The students can apply for financial assistance from CFPA once they are admitted to the school; the eligible students will be assisted in accordance with their actual poverty degree after their situation has been confirmed by CFPA; and the impoverished students will be helped pay the tuitions and fees, lodging fees, board expenses and uniform fees etc. if they meet the highest-level requirements.

  • Executive President—Liu Jiangnan

    Liu Jiangnan, born inLuchuan of Guangxi Province, is a member of Communist Party of China, aprofessor with doctor degree, and the doctoral supervisor of South China NormalUniversity.

    He has ever assumed the offices including:Deputy Secretary General of Organizing Committee of the 16th Asian Games,Committee Member of China Institute of Strategy for Sports Development, DeputyChairman of Chinese Football Association, Deputy Director of Sports IndustryCommittee of China Sports

    Science Society, Chairman of Guangzhou Sports Federation, and Honorary Council President of Guangzhou Sports Science Society. Currently, he is Executive President of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School.