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The brand of an enterprise is the symbol of its powerfulstrength and the embodiment of its business culture. In the globalized marketeconomy, brand is the magic weapon to win in the market and the force fordriving a  company to endure longer thanothers. Based on the highly recognized significance of the brand and relentlesspursuit of the value of the brand, at the beginning of its large-scaleexpansion all over China, Evergrande Group firmly established the strategicpolicy of making top quality products to internationalize the brand ofEvergrande, and determined to create double golden brands for the enterpriseand its products.

In order to create its product brand, Evergrande Group has been absolutelydetermined to implement the strategy of making top quality products, hasdeveloped more than 6,000 top-quality engineering standards within the enterprises,which are related to the whole process of real estate development involvingproject planning and design, engineering construction, garden environmentfacilities, decoration and material equipment, etc. In addition, Evergrande Group has establishedsolid strategic alliance with more than 810 leading enterprises in the relevantindustries in the world and has achieved a great leap in product quality. Basedon high quality products and part of the profits surrendered by partners,Evergrande has created a series of cost-effective top-quality products and hasformed a strong market appeal.

In order to create its enterprise brand, in the process of large-scale development,Evergrande has been guided by the forward-looking brand strategy. Throughscientific and efficient brand operation and with multiple brand connotationsand innovative brand communicating mode, Evergrande has established the goldenbrand within and outside the industry and its brand image is world famous. In2016, the brand value of Evergrande has reached as high as RMB 39.26 billion,ranking first among the brand values of Chinese real estatecompanies for  seven consecutive years.Evergrande deserves the reputation of a leader in China's top-quality realestate with standardized operation, and has a great influence in the publicwelfare, sports, culture and other fields.

The brand was known and now is well-known, which is theextension of the width of the brand. The brand was excellent and now is great,which is the expansion of the depth of the brand. Evergrande people"protect the brand as they protect their own eyes". They willcontinue to comprehensively create double golden brands for the enterprise andits products, and make concerted efforts to implement the vast scheme forEvergrande to leap  from height to peak.

The logo of Evergrande Group uses the initials of ''Heng Da'' - ''H'' and ''D'' as the basic creative elements. The two letters integrate with each other, coalescing circle and square and being modest and generous in terms of the shapes, fully reflecting the modern enterprise characteristics of staying realistic and pragmatic and developing steadily.

The aberrant letter ''H'' is like the sea wave, one after another, expressing the grand and magnificent era style; the aberrant letter ''D'' is like the rising sun, symbolizing the life eternity, and implying the eternal ambition. The combination of ''sea'' and ''sun'' implies the infinite vitality and the endless development source. The blue and red colors applied in the logo form an intense visual impact.

The great sea refuses no river and is eternally inexhaustible; the sun has fiery brightness to shine on earth, full of noble aspiration and daring. The rising sun on the sea is glorious and resplendent. The entire logo symbolizes the inclusive and aggressive spirit of Evergrande people as well as the eternal magnificent momentum of Evergrande undertaking.

The second place of Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises
(for six consecutive years )

The top three of Top 10 Comprehensive Strength of Chinese Real Estate Companies
(for three consecutive years )

The first place of the Brand Values of Chinese Real Estate Companies
(for seven consecutive years )

Top 10 Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies
(for six consecutive years)

Top 10 Chinese Real Estate Companies with the Best Investment Value
(for six consecutive years)

Top 10 Brand Values of Chinese Real Estate Companies
(for nine consecutive years )

China Charity Award
(for seven consecutive years)

The Fortune Global 500

Leading Real Estate Enterprise in China
(for three consecutive years)