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Evergrande Group is a modern enterprise group integrating real estate, finance, Internet, health, tourism, culture and sports as a whole. With the existing total assets amounting to RMB a trillion and the annual sales scale of more than RMB 300 billion, Evergrande Group has more than 500 real estate projects in over180 cities throughout the country and more than 80,000 employees, solving the employment of over 1.3 million people, ranking Top 500 in the world and becoming the world’s largest real estate enterprise.

Over 500real estate projects in over 180 cities throughout the country across China, and more than 20 regional companies in Guangdong,Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Anhui, Guangxi, Henan, Jiangsu, Hunan, Jiangxi,Hubei, Shanxi, Shandong, Hainan, Sichuan, Fujian, Gansu, Shaanxi, Jilin, Heilongjiang,Liaoning,Guizhou and other provinces and direct-controlled municipalities.

It owns an Architectural Engineering Company with China special qualification, Grade A Architectural Design Institute and Project Supervision Company, as well as Real Estate Development Company and Property Management Company with Qualification of Grade I.

Grade-I qualification in China

It is a real estate development company subordinated to Evergrande Group, with the Grade-I development qualification in China. Since its establishment, it has set up the standardized, scientific, and systematic quality management system, and has formed the process quality control mechanism and excellence creation system. Since 2004, the Company has comprehensively implemented the strategy of high-quality real estate. It has integrated advantageous resources in large scale, cooperated with the leading enterprises of domestic and overseas industries related to real estate, and really created high-quality products with famous-brand furnishings. The Company has successively developed more than 200 series of projects such as Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula, Evergrande Palace, Evergrande Metropolis, Evergrande City, Evergrande Oasis, Evergrande Splendor, and successively won more than 100 national honors. Its products have become the cogent ones of extensive publicity and good reputation throughout the country.

Grade-A qualification in China

Architecture Design Institute subordinate to Evergrande Group has the design qualifications such as Class A architectural engineering specialty and Class A specialties in architectural ornament, curtain, light-weight steel structure, intelligence, lighting and fire-fighting. It has nearly 600 professional designers in the planning, architecture, structure and equipment, including over 60 registered personnel such as first-class registered architect, first-class registered structural engineer and registered utility engineer. It has independently undertaken over integrated high-quality design projects such as super high-rise landmark, commercial complex, large-scale residential district, hotel, catering, health, sports, entertainment, conference and senior office building, and has been closely cooperating with Gensler, PCPA, HOK, BCJ, TT, PB, AECOM, TFP, AEDAS, Atkins, PLP, Arup, P & T Architects & Engineers, Rocco and other international well-known enterprises.

Special-grade qualification in China

It is an architectural engineering company subordinated to Evergrande Group with the special-grade qualification for general contracting of housing construction projects and the Grade-I qualification for general contracting of municipal public works. It has formed an economic entity integrating building construction, municipal works, decoration and fitment, landscape ancient building construction and many other qualifications. The Company has a professional team with excellent comprehensive abilities, and now has over 5,000 professional technical staffs, including over 300 Grade-I registered construction engineers and registered cost engineers, and more than 1,000 personnel with intermediate and senior titles. The Company can undertake various industrial and civil construction, high-rise construction, equipment installation, municipal works, high-grade decoration works and other works.

Grade A qualification in China

It is a project supervision company subordinated to Evergrande Group with the Grade-A qualification for project supervision in China. The Company has solid technical strength, and complete professional personnel with rich experience in construction supervision, including registered supervision engineers. The Company employs professional construction supervision talents through social recruitment, overseas introduction and other forms, constantly improving the quality of the supervision personnel and strengthening the internal management. The Company firmly executes “24-hour standby” post responsibility system, fully implements “Evergrande High-quality Standard” to form a management mode of standardization, normalization, specialization and scientification, always maintaining the advantage of leading quality in the industry.

Grade-I qualification in China

Jinbi Property Group Co., Ltd, subordinated to Evergrande Group, is equipped with the national first-class qualification in realty management. The projects under the management of Evergrande include residential buildings, office buildings, urban complexes,commercial centers and tourism-based real properties. In its daily management, Evergrande has introduced the Top Quality Property Management Standard, placing Evergrande in an advantageous position in terms of socialized, professional and market-oriented services. So far, 518 properties are under the management of Evergrande, totaling an area of 73.63 million sqm.

Evergrande Finance Group is a flagship in the financial industry, which is created by Evergrande Group, one of the world's top 500 companies. It is established in the innovative development model of combination between industry and finance and is committed to build a full license financial holding group integrating  banking, insurance, Internet finance and other diversified businesses into one.

Evergrande Group has owned Evergrande Life Assurance Co., Ltd., Evergrande Internet Finance Group, Evergrande Financial Investment Co., Ltd., Evergrande Financial Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Evergrande Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, Evergrande Group is  the largest shareholder of Shengjing Bank (HK.02066). Currently, the insurance fee scale of Evergrande Life has been ranked top 20 in China's life assurance, with total assets of over RMB 60 billion.

Meanwhile, Evergrande has completed the construction of "Internet Plus" financial platform and integrated community service platform. Evergrande Financial Service (HDFAX.COM) has relevant financial licenses and business qualifications for Internet payment, fund payment, prepaid card, fund sales, insurance brokerage, factoring, financing lease, small loans and private equity funds, and is committed to becoming a leader of China's Internet financial information platform.

Evergrandehas completed the construction of "Internet+" financial platform andintegrated community service platform. HDFAX.COM has the related financiallicenses and business operation qualifications of Internet payment, fundpayment, prepaid card, fund sales, insurance broker, factoring, financialleasing, small loan and private equity, committed to becoming the leader in theChinese Internet financial information platform.

Hengten Networks (00136.HK) waslisted on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, based on the Internetplatform to construct the "3+2+X" industrial layout, i.e. three basicplates (property service, neighborhood social contact and life service) twovalue-added plates (Internet home and community finance) and one service platederivable in the future.

Evergrande Health Industrial Group (HK.0708)was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, specializing in thehigh-end international hospital, the medical cosmetology & anti-aging andthe medical maintenance industry.

Through cooperation with Harvard MedicalSchool and other global top medical treatment and medical science institutionsto construct the 'pyramid" of medical resources based on the communitymedical maintenance and led by the international high-end hospital, EvergrandeHealth Industrial Group has established the Tianjin WONJIN medical cosmetologyflagship store with the total Korea team, and meanwhile, has established theinternational service standards to promote the large-scale, best- quality andstandardized development strategy, providing more than 5 million Evergrandecommunity residents and even more families in over 180 cities in China with theall-round and full-life-cycle health services.

Relying on the advantages of HainanInternational Tourism Island, Evergrande Group has created the world-class andcentury-class cultural tourism project - China Hainan Ocean Flower Island bygathering the global 600 master designers with the total investment of RMB 160billion, with the planned gross floor area of about 14.036 million squaremeters, covering 28 business types such as international conference andexhibition center, resort hotel cluster, health sports center, sea world, movieand TV base, shopping and leisure center, museum and cruise ship port.

The Ocean Flower Island Project was opened inDecember 2015, creating three world records by virtue of the RMB 12.21 billionsales volume, the 1.36 million square meters sales area and the 100,000 visitors.

Evergrande CulturalIndustry Group, with the theater as the core, integrating music, movie, broker,publish, animation and song & dance as a whole, covering the upstream,midstream and downstream of the whole cultural industry chain, will bedeveloped into a cultural industry flagship with the largest scale, thestrongest specialty and the widest influence in China.

In December 2015. EvergrandeCulture (834899) was successfully listed on the 'new three board" becomingthe first stock of comprehensive cultural industry in China. Up to now,Evergrande Theater has had 39 cinemas and 273 silver screens opened forbusiness, and has planned to have 116 cinemas opened for business this year,with accumulative 155 cinemas and 1085 silver screens. It has produced dozensof hot movies such as Beginning of the Great Revival. The Rooftop. BlindMassage and Miss Partners, and has had the copyright of 22.000 songs, records.MVs and concerts, the largest music copyright company in China.

Evergrande Football

Evergrande Taobao Football Club which was established inMarch 2010 by Evergrande Group is currently the most successful, influentialand representative professional football club in Asia and cumulatively pays thetaxes and dues of RMB 1.258 billion.

On November 6, 2015, Evergrande Taobao Football Club(stock code: 834338) was listed, thereby becoming the *first stock in Asianfootball*.The club has won 13champions of Asian Champions League, ChineseFootball Association Super League, CFA Cup and CFA Super Cup over the sixyears, creating the Chinese football history. Currently, it ranks first in Asiaand thirtieth in the world, becoming the representative of Chinese football andAsian football.

Evergrande Football School

EvergrandeFootball School which was established by Evergrande Group in 2012 aims tovitalize Chinese football and cultivate football stars. So far the investmenthas exceeded RMB 2 billion and the students have reached 2,600 persons, so itis evaluated as the world*s largest football school in the Guinness Book ofWorld Records.

As a new type of football school, Evergrande Football School implementsthe mode of developing basic cultural education and professional footballtraining simultaneously; China’ s famous basic education school is in fullcharge of the basic education to solve the weakest basic education problems intraditional football schools, and the coach team from Real Madrid Football Clubis in full charge of the professional football training so as to enable thestudents to accept world-class football training without leaving the country.