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As our country becomes stronger, and the ancient China looks brand new, Evergrande Group is now on the happy occasion of the flourishing age.

Evergrande means the ages in continuous succession that is called Permanence and the rising and development of creations that is called Greatness. Since the establishment of Evergrande Group ten odd years ago, tens of thousands of staff members have made concerted efforts. We have acted on the strategy of creating fine works for only one great aspiration: to be dedicated to the cause of the country with the industry, and to provide a comfortable home for more people. This is also a real great cause for all the staff members of Evergrande as a glorious builder of the socialism.

In the past 20-odd years, relying on the wholeheartedness of the staff members, Evergrande has gone through the trials and hardships. With the enterprise spirits of “making great efforts, unselfish devotion, diligence, opening up, and being enterprising”, Evergrande has achieved the hyper-normal and leap-type development of the scale and brand of the Company, ranking Top 500 in the world and becoming the world’s largest real estate enterprise, and interpreting a magnificent epic of the Chinese modern enterprise development.

Based in China,with a global vision for development, Evergrande designs to realize its strategic goals of Five Tops in the Industry and become a world-class enterprise with significant international influence. In this New Economic Era full of both challenges and hopes, Evergrande will fulfill its responsibilities as a pioneer following the guidance of the Philosophy of Scientific Development. To Evergrande, fulfilling such responsibilities means taking the lead in realizing the in-depth transformation on the up-to-date management approach and strategic development mode, and also means guiding the healthy development of the industry, performing its duties as a corporate citizen and facilitating the social harmony.

The noble ideal, firm values, and indomitable executive capacity is the basis for the constant transcendence and the excellence pursuit of Evergrande. The Evergrande members understand that only through broad and long-term view and meticulous work could a century-old company and a permanent enterprise be brought up. The Evergrande members also firmly believe that all of our diligence will be fairly paid back by the market, and the investors, employees and society can get the most satisfying repayment. In the past, at present, and in the future, the trust and support of the people having a common goal has given, is giving, and will give Evergrande the courage to move ahead with vigorous strides in this exceptional age.

Let’s advance toward the impregnable pass and endless road hand in hand.